Friday, July 21, 2006


i just discovered that i might have the early signs of diabetes. its really funny 'cause i guess i always had it coming, with the way i eat and and the way that i "don't" eat.

the blurry vision, the numb feeling of the extremities, the sweet tooth, and the poly signs (polyphagia - excessive eating, polyurea - excessive urination, polydypsia - excessive drinking). i've manage to complete these signs... although yes they are unconfirmed by a physician and are to be considered as presumptive.

sad, if you realize it one day, i guess it wasn't as shocking as i thought it would be but still sad.


a friday morning.

i really am changing and i think it's for the better.

i've finished yesterday the very long assign and the very long take home quiz and submitted the very numerous requirements yesterday.

i'm getting much more done this way.



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