Sunday, June 11, 2006

good things come in time

I've just been to NBN channel4 with my chorale and we've just sung three songs for a program that runs for two hours. my tired vocal chords are making their grievances felt. so although my brain has been ailing to get through the rigid immersion in lecture and my body has been striving to stay standing i can say that things in my life right now aren't all that bad.

despite the financial bottleneck we've been experiencing life has it's bright sides. i've got school that even though has been very demanding has been very interesting to take up. nursing isn't all that bad actually, it challenges your brain and but stimulates you imagination. the course it quite costly but if you make the most of it you might find it well worth the money.

also, there's the chorale that has been draining me physically. having nursing as a path to a profession, it's no joke to have an extra curricular responsibility holding you back on much needed time for rest and studying. but as i've said good things have their own sneaky way of making themselves hidden and when your candle is almost burnt out a spark of hope flickers from nowhere and lights up you wick of hope. things turn around and all is once again ok. and for me, that's the events we've been singing for and have yet to sing at. we've got an itinerary of events that holds much excitement for me and my colleagues.


i think the best of all, as of tonight, is that i've managed to finish some minor details to the blog. although i might find some new things to do, funkier things to add, the stuff i've got here now has me jumping like a crazy person. i'm so excited about it and i hope a lot of people could visit.

i guess that's it.


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