Sunday, June 18, 2006

are we all just going bad?

if you ask a friend what they would say when someone insults them, isn't it that they would quickly lash out that their answers, if not straight out hostility, would be "anong problema mo?"

i don't think it's still "in" to be kind, specially in this day and age where being so would be inviting people to step on you and allowing them to have their way with you in any way they want at anytime they please. it's sad to see that having the patience to understand before judging is slowly, if not already gone, fading from our society even if filipinos are known for their calm nature. everything is changing, everyone is changing... i guess i too am.

i wouldn't bother with asking how this is so 'cause we all know the answer. they are the root to almost all the problems in our country, lack of education and poverty, the same old cancer that has been gnawing on our people until the race itself is skin and bones. sick isn't it, maria clara wasn't just raped, she was also locked up inside a cage for years with a disease she doesn't even know is rotting her flesh inside out.

the question to be asked i guess is, would there still be a chance for us to change? it's not that easy for that to happen. for myself, i vouch for my attemps to be a little nicer everyday, but as i have noticed being mr. antagonist comes almost naturaly. i guess chemothrerapy is hard to maintain for our country's meager monetary allowance... we couldn't even have the country going smoothly, let alone bettering it. even the roads chew off little by little from our cars day to day, because of the government's neglect to give it its due notice and not to mention the food we eat which is slowly killing us 'cause we don't spend enough for growing it properly.

we are known for being hospitable people, meaning showing strangers the door into our house, our lives, for them to take shelter and comfort for the night. now year 2006, strangers that seek shelter in our house are just rapists, robbers, or just crazed mass murderers, i guess we just end up sheilding ourselves with layers of bicker and uncalled for malice towards others.

we are naturally sweet people but i guess we've been layed out too long in the sun that we're all just going bad.

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-raecen- said...

as we all know all things change...the fresh will be rotten..and the rotten will never be fresh...Its really hard to change back those things that we are used to...
one thing we can do though to prevent rapid rotting is to segregate the rotten from the fresh and use them to enrich your life...and the life of others as matter how rotten people may get they are still good for something right??