Thursday, May 25, 2006


i've just seen x-men3 and boy did i love the special effects. whew, i was really blown away.

but that's just it. i was only at awe with the effects and the effects alone. i was rather disappointed with the story. i expected much more from the plot, 'cause in a word... they "manipulated" the real story of the pheonix era so that they could easily market it to an audience. i'm not saying that they butchered the story, it's just that they made drastic changes that they were all new events leading unto an all new ending. they have done this on the first two movies as well but they we're minor twithes that had been forgivable. this time around is a different matter.

all in all though, when it comes down to being entertained, i can say that it has done one hell of a job. i enjoyed seeing new powers, new characters, and new locations being shot. i give it an ok!


the finale has come and gone, and the triumphant was proclamed. and all dog-pound props down to taylor hicks! he wasn't my favorite idol, but compared to katherine macphee, he's far more a better performer.

i've been all in betting for chris daughtry but unfortunately most americans can be quite partial against rock artists. i don't think they're quite ready to accept rock as a mainstream genré. too bad, he suffered the bias despite his great talent. oh well, at least taylor won... he's got a great talent too, and a personality to go well with it.

america has been making wrong decisions recently for american idol, first is that they made kevin covais stay long enough for him to get a hydrocephallic head and feel like some kind of sex icon or something. another is they let ace young in in the first place. goes to show how superficial americans are. finally, they booted elliot yamin out before katherine, which was quite a shocker. he was much more consistent than katherine. oh well, who am i to point that out right, i'm not even american so that i can vote and make my opinion matter.

i guess it all boils down to a feeling of regret (that daughtry didn't even make it to the final 3) and happiness ('cause taylor hicks won over katherine)... sounds kind of cynical but hey. :P


boredom over the summer creeps quite deeply into my subcutaneous that i really can't get it of me. it's starting to spread quite quickly like a malignant tumor and i don't know what to do about it.

although i've had activities that kept me busy for a while, it was hardly any fun at all. it was more tiring than i would have hoped for. i was really looking forward to doing something fun and relaxing this 2 week summer break but gosh darn all my hopes have been obliterated to smithereens.

i've been trying to learn more about how a blog works and the intricities of the html world and boy did i learn much. i've managed to build up this blog from picking through the details and learning what they're for and how i'm going to change them for my use.

it's quite cool!

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