Monday, May 29, 2006

just goes to show some things you desperately wish for can give you the worst disappointments ever. what in the world do i mean, you say? well take this b*llsh*t of a summer for example.

first i thought that a break would give me the time for relaxation that i deserve. well, what a whole lot of crackpot! i've been locked up here in my own house doing nothing but trying to find something to do and hopelessly floundering at that. i've managed to get sick of the interenet for heaven's sake.

i know, it really is up to me to make my day much more fun, or at least much more productive, and i did. but there's only so much flash fiction i could make. and i don't have any new dvds to watch so i'm left here (hoping to be alone 'cause i've got my grandaunt who is so annoying you'd rather commit suicide that suffer 10 seconds of her company) in my house staring at walls.

pathetic is a good word to describe the state i am in.

but to avoid being such a whiner, i've finally resorted to blogging. surfing could only get you so far and the horizon would only give you porn, but with blogging well you could spend most of your time complaining and no one would even care. plain genius isn't it. yeah i know this is temporary but so long as i keep typing, i keep myself distracted even if it's just for a while.


...that life is a big mother here to f*ck you up from time to time. see i've been taking up nursing, one of the most scrutinizing courses ever and i've managed to fail 2 minor subjects. for most schools that would be a slap on the wrist, but no... it's got to be a big deal for my university, and they're not even in the top 10 schools for producing competent scholars from the yearly nursing board. sucks really.

but i've scrambled myself into getting enrolled despite the widely realized fact that 2 failing subjects is a big no no. i really can be quite good at some things if i put my mind into it, and it just so happens that i set my sights on getting enrolled. and boy did i do well. and with that happening, i thought i was just a breeze away until the next trimming down of the institute i'm in. lo and behold, life in all it's suckiness decides to toy with me a little and i end up having problems with my enrollement. i keep on getting delayed and i always need to seek the approval of the dean to "be" enrolled, which i thought i already were given 'cause she already said ok when she interviewed me before i was admitted to the institute...

a short introduction to the "institute of nursing": as a freshman in college you take up what is called an OGEC or the general education curriculum. the as you enter your sophomore year you are then enrolled into the ASHE program or the associate in health science education. there i've managed to flunk 2 subjects. then as you become a junior you are subjected to a battery exam (along with your weighted GWA for 3 semesters, your entrance exam grade and an interview) where they will assess you competency in becoming a scholar for the next institute and that would be the ever so loathed and dearly self-involved, money-hauling, student sadist, Institute of Nursing

and so as i was being bounced around by different people ordering me to go here, talk to this person, wait for this 'til past lunch and other freakin' steps for me to progress, i was really starting to hate this institute and the school itself for having lack of organization. their blatant lack of regard for a student's sanity or even just the welfare of his health is concerning. this has to be put to an end, things must change.

but as for life itself, and all it's teadious quirkiness, we can't do anything about.



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