Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art attack!

It's all about great music, and a blank shirt you could play with.

I'm talking about Artwork's I Silk-screened This Tee event last Saturday (May 18) at TriNoma.

The tee party was at the cinema lobby of TriNoma Mall where a bunch of manual printing machines were set up with people ready to take in the requested design of those who bought the silk-screening kit. They had the option of choosing 3 colors for their designs.

I opted to go for this bad boy! (Alright, okay, it's simple.)

While all the craziness of long lines and people walking by, we were serenaded by Up Dharma Down.

Here's a quick look at what took place.

It's pretty much the perfect way to wait for your turn while sipping on your Moonleaf Wintermelon Milk Tea.

What else could I ask for, right?

Big shout out to the wonderful Thysz for giving me in on this awesome activity. See you again next year.

Diva pose!

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