Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wake Up Call

I had one last Friday. A hypertensive attack crept up at me for a couple of days and made itself felt right before we had our staff meeting. I had to spend the last hundred bucks I had on a cab and pass by the nearest generics for Clonidine.

I missed a lot this weekend. I totally regret it. And I don't like feeling weak. (Yeah, I don't have my priorities straight, 'cause I thought more of the events I had to go to than worrying about my flailing body.)

But things are about to change. I've always been a person who works a mean lemonade when handed lemons, and this ain't no different. Just this morning, no bath, and greatly lazy, I finally caved and heeded my body's call for me to take notice. More than that, the call of life. I didn't even realize it but it has given me a great new chapter to make colorful. And color it I shall.

Photo by Jonver David. There's my boy wearing the striped shirt while I do my usual no-teeth smile.
I've always wanted to travel, and doors for travelling have opened and I have been very eager to enter. This featured article I read on starting to travel young has always been something I've aspired to do, and as of late, I've been doing so. A quote from that article stuck on me and it went, "Instead of investing on gadgets, invest on travel or experiences," boy, did that hit home.

Now I've got a couple of plays I've said yes to watching and musicals I can't wait to be an audience of. Experiences, they said, so here I come. The theater has always been my love, my home, and I shall be damned if I am to be torn away from it again.

And most of all, much as I didn't expect it, now I have it right here beside me, this handsome guy who I adore. He's more than I would have thought to have asked for, yet here he is. Damn, was I caught off guard.

So life's curve ball was really more of a wake-up call (or maybe they just really wanted me dead), and now I'm fully awake. I will no longer skulk and complain and whine and run to a corner. I am here to make a change, not only in the society that I seek to serve, but also a change for myself.

The alarm has gone off, and now I'm up and ready to face the world again.

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