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Top or Bottom?

HEED YE ALL. The following entry contains explicit sexual content. Read at your own risk.

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Which one are you? Why is it such a big issue? Why is everyone claiming to be top and yet there's a running joke circulating that there's a growing shortage of them? What is a top and a bottom anyway?

Here's the shiz you need to know.

These two terms define the participation of a male partner during penetrative anal sexual encounter. The top being the one who inserts his penis into the anus, and the bottom being the one who's anus is inserted upon. Primarily a position is assumed based on preference derived from sexual enjoyment achieved from such action. But much like everything else entailed in sexual encounters, experimentation and changes occur so there are opportunities where people who are originally, strictly, a top switches to being a bottom and end up preferring both or the other.

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Why is it there such a fuss over being a top then? My take on it is that it's all playing on the Philippine culture of machismo spilling over to homosexuality with the presumption that since you are assuming the gender role (in sexual intercourse) of masculinity (being the one inserting the penis onto another) then you are by default manlier, more acceptable. In turn, being bottom makes you pretty much a girl.

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A truckload of bull, if you ask me. It's all about what makes you feel good. Being gay nowadays is far more complex than what the backward few society would like to think. Truth be told, people in general are starting to accept that being gay is okay, and it doesn't necessarily have to men that you have to act manly or hide your sexuality for you to be acceptable.

Health-wise, what does being top or bottom entail? Being that pleasure is relative, I won't really dwell much into the pleasure derived from either position, albeit I'd like to focus more on the health implications, especially towards HIV. (Duh!)

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Especially when without the correct and consistent use of condoms, the risk of HIV transmission for a top remains the same with either vaginal or anal sex. What people mostly assume, since you're the top, you won't get HIV. Wrong!

The mechanism of ejaculation for a guy is a sequence of rhythmic contractions of the bulbospongiosus muscle (blah blah blah), let's just say the spasm of the penis occurs. What people don't know is with the positive pressure of each blast of ejaculation a negative pressure happens right after which does the opposite of the ejaculation, and that is it sucks inwards. That's how the infections becomes possible, among other possibilities.

How about being a bottom? There is, unfortunately, a bit of a higher chance of getting HIV with being a bottom, especially if you don't prepare the right way and don't practice safe sex. How you say? Let me explain it simply - rubbing causes friction. Friction causes heat. Heat causes dryness. Dry skin easily bruises and breaks. This ladies and gentlemen is now a viable opening for the virus to enter, under the right circumstances.

I think we have to do away with crap-bearing stigma when trying to discover our sexual preference as a gay guy. One, because we can't really say we don't like doing the other without actually trying it. Also, it's rather obvious that both parties bear risk factors so we can't really use stupid reasons like possibilities of getting STI. As long as we're sexually active, there's a risk for us to get infected.

I hope that helped in some way. Oh and thanks for patiently reading. If you've read this far, I admire your attention span.

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