Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Pulse That Beats

This is not a review, but a re-telling of the emotions I felt. The colors I saw in the lives that were portrayed, painted with such finesse, of pigments that filled their lives that were greater than even new crayons could even think of.

Pulses showed me the depths that my work reaches, not only for the people I help, I reach out to, but even to myself. It was made a point that information would be shared, facts. And as the words were said, one after the other, faces were given to the lives that were behind statistics.

Those that we've lost in the battle for awareness, precious lives that I never got to know but I could feel the ripples of, their memories held on to by people I'm with, they were there. I could feel them, and that night, I could see them.

They gave words that were hard-hitting and real. It was both eye-opening and heart-wrenching how they made me see what I saw every time I went to work. The face of anguish upon knowing one's status, and the face of triumph with everyday that they live.

I held my breath as tears slowly flowed. I know that I would never know. I know that I would never understand. But that didn't mean I wouldn't care. I grew to love the community, the work, that person, the life, fleeting might be the moments shared with the others, intimate with a few, but all important. All of them etched a memory which would later on be the ripples that others would feel from every re-telling that I make.

I lent my heart to them that night. They held it and returned it to me, stronger, better. I now bear a fuller self with a heart more mature.

And finally, with hopes that it wouldn't be the end, I express my gratitude. I share my love. Above everything else, I raise my hopes. For everything we wish for in the future and all the treasures it holds.

I look forward to their October production. Congratulations Dulaang Laboratoryo. Congratulations Pat and Ino.


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