Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conspiracy Of Three

I don't think Visayas Avenue was able to contain the night that was August 19. Conspiracy Garden Cafe or more famously known to its patrons as Conspiracy hosted a wonderful jam night for the RH Bill. Featured in this gig were Bayang Barrios, Cookie Chua and Lolita Carbon who decided to put together a night in celebration of the much talked about proposed legislation. A lot of the people behind the Reproductive Health movement attended and shared with us the music from the three ladies.

It was started off by Ms. Bayang Barrios

She had a wonderful set singing the most earthly of sounds I've heard in a while. It set the tone of nationalism with the undertone of a call for change.

A song paved the transition from Bayang to the next performer.

Next set was from Ms. Cookie Chua who gave very spirited and soulful rendition of songs. Her in between conversations with the audience were filled with angst and shouts of support for the RH Bill.

Before bowing out her set, Cookie introduced the last singer for the night, Ms. Lolita Carbon, famous lead singer and social activist of Asin.

Our vocabulary would not suffice in doing justice in describing Lolita's wonderful and hilarious set.

They then closed the evening with a trio creating the funniest and masterfully musical set I've heard in the gigs I've went to. I guess the spirit of the RH Bill was in them.

Here are the pictures from the rest of the night.

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