Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sign Language

I've been immersing myself more into the deaf culture. I find it to be a passion of mine to help build the connection between the deaf community with society.

So after I went to TEDx, I met Alaine. She gave a talk there about her company, my smart hands, which teaches sign language to infants and toddlers to help them express themselves while they are in the transition of learning verbal communication.

We got to hang out a lot after and we became good friends. After that, I got to know more people, and I even introduced them to a deaf friend of mine. Truth be told, we've got big plans. So many plans and I really hope it pushes through. It'll be a big step forward for our advocacy for change.


Earlier, I got to see this movie

I got to meet the actors and I even got to interpret for the deaf actor (Rome) during the last part of the open mic. I was caught unprepared to do a half-ass interpretation (excuse my french) and I don't think I made any sense, but I tried.

At the end of the night, I had a wonderful time. I really wanted to go and join them for dinner but that's being too much of a groupie.


So I'll be going to an interview tomorrow for work. It's for an NGO and I really want to get in. But I'm still waiting for an update from DLS-CSB as well. I want to get in there as well and dive deeper into the deaf culture as much as I can. To sharpen my sign language skills.

But everything in it's own time and place. I just know it.

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