Monday, December 15, 2008

i have no proof of you

i can't believe how reality can just hit you smack down and full upon the face when sudden events creep up unwelcome.

only this saturday a very good friend of mine left this world due to a motor accident. hearing about it for the first time sent chills down my spine and left me feeling as if some force just yanked my soul out of me and left me gasping for air.

pretty, petite yet full of life, she always had things on her mind and was not afraid to voice it out. we got along quite well because of our love for coffee and fondness of each others' company. i guess we were quite unusual because we were both loud mouths.

it's hard for me to admit to myself that i let our friendship slowly fade into the background as life took on center stage. at the last year of college, we no longer were blockmates but i my how i liked her as a friend never diminished even a little. but it saddens me to think that i never even had a picture of us together. all i have are my memories, and it wasn't enough, it isn't enough. i want something tangible something i can touch and mourn over.

it's quite unfair. she was an only child and i would bet the pride of her family. imagine, a one-taker NLEX passer. a full-fledged nurse and a smart one to boot. why take her at such an early age. i rest only on the thought that she is somewhere, happy and living out eternity with the higher power.

how else do i recognize her being? how do i make sure that i never forget she existed? my will is strong but i'm no psychic and i cannot tell what may become of my memories in the future. i loved my friend and she deserves to be remembered. her life cherished and appreciated for the treasure that it was at such a short expanse of time.

so as a tribute and my way of saying goodbye.

all my love.

caristia castillo RN

you will always be here, in the hearts and thoughts of many.


tin said...

alam mo familiar yung mukha mo. siguro pinapakita sa min ni ate caress ung pictures or videos niyo sa min. kelan ba kayo naging magclassmates? 2nd year? madness niya. ang ganda ng tribute mo kay ate caress...pero sa totoo lang, kakalungkot na wala na siya. hanggang ngayon naalala ko pa rin siya ng sobrang dalas.

"PRETTY, PETITE"---the best!

angelo R.N. said...

i know, that's why i'm very very sad about the entire thing. close talaga kami nung second year. then we lost touch for sometime.

sino ka po ulit?