Friday, November 28, 2008

staring another one down

staring another one down

have you ever wondered, and I mean given a few moments to think, what
your life would have been like if you were living far less than what
your means or capabilties would allow? putting it simply, what would
your life be like if you were broke or sick or had a disability?

i have and i won't impose myself so much that i would cram into your
head the stuff that I deduced and the conclusions that my brain parked
its car at.

i'm just blessed despite of all of the jabs and punches.

think about it, what problems have you had to stare at the face and
say "i'm strong enough for you, and i'll get through"?

as for me:

like most of the times in my life, and quite expectedly if i might
say, after getting a break from hardship and having tasted a little
comfort from the troubles that life persistently fling towards my
direction, here it goes once more breaking its few months' hiatus.

and guess what, it's all about freaking money again.

problem. source: mom's unemployment.

now as the official breadwinner of the family i wear the crown and
bear the burden of feeling the added years to my age and finally reap
the responsibility of keeping my family afloat. i fear that i won't be
able to keep in line the devil's advocate inside of me. how i fear it.

this is the earner of the family, braving a future unknown, staring it
down, living it with a smile, saying "later."

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Astig no?

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