Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my take on life

isn't it amazing how you end up wanting a lot of things in life.

you want above all else is peace. a quiet and unbothered version of yourself where you live not wanting for all you have is enough to live out the rest of your days.

from peace springs out the means to get it. you seek food, money (belongings), love, a home, things to make life worth something, sex, and someone to look up to and love above all else.

sure food, money and sex might be easy to come by and quite frankly easy to get. you just need to sacrifice a bit of effort, be brave and smart and for some time endure, then you're good to go. life isn't that hard for someone who uses what he has, outsmarts others and himself into making good of it, and the fruits of the good life are but staples to the everyday.

food, basic of all is there to keep you alive. simple but necessary.

sex, procreation and recreation, whether it be with yourself or with others, it is the expression of the physical desire. to hence forth and be many is just something that comes out of it. for making love and a family is a different thing from sex. it is the act, a necessary act but quiet distinct from the former.

but of the three, money is something that everyone knows (but often times choose rather not to know) to be the most dangerous of all. without precaution, it, much like a wild snake, could turn on you, bite hard and leave you for dead.

food, money and sex: cravings. all but to satisfy a hunger innate to human beings.

but a home, things to make life worth something and love is of a different matter all together. for security is harder to get for you need to rely on someone or something for you to get it.

give for example a hobby is not anything if it was not but to concentrate on something just to make you feel good about yourself. whether be it sports or habitat for humanity, you immerse yourself on that certain action knowing that doing so gives you relief and a quiet resolve knowing that you can, and you actually do. that's one of the things to make you look at life and feel content.

a home, is not just the four corners where you sleep and change. a home is with people you cherish and trust. a home is feeling comfort, and as mentioned security, knowing that these entities around you know who you are and still wouldn't mind having you around. be it a man amongst his friends, a son with his foster parents, a police man within his community, a priest with the people he herds to salvation. the feeling of security is knowledge that you are welcome. you need the people for that.

love. oh that four letter word. do i need to explain?

and above all else, the all powerful need for belief in someone or something. a god. it doesn't necessarily have to be a god of a certain religion, no. it can, as narcissistic as it may be, a god of one's self (this more often than not turns out to be unhealthy). faith of an almighty lifts someone so high that it makes them reach nirvana, heaven, balance with the universe, the best orgasm, even maslow's self actualization. different expressions, one same result. the product of the best you that you can be.

and when all is said and done, i guess you've noticed (actually i hope you did) that my conclusion therefore is that peace is a decision, an action done by the person and that person alone, so that from there he can affect the world he lives in. that's where you get to find the peace that all of the 6 billion souls (if there is a soul) live out their lives for.

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