Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an old draft that now gets posted

the thanks that should be handed out are as follows:
my mom. despite everything else, i still owe you everything. but i would like to live on my own very very soon! as in SOON.

mommy, for devoting your life to the welfare of the family. you definitely gave up a lot for others.

isya, maan, pao, bugagi, you guys are the shoulders that are always sturdy for anyone to lean on. dependable and always present.

my entire family, the support (whether financial, emotional or what have you) has positively affected my life in such a way that things would never have been what it is now if not for you guys.
my bestfriends.

ate, erick, jhon! iba kayo and i know you guys know that! the fun we have is unlike any other.

camille, iba tayo tol. kahit na bulacan at quezon city ang agwat at pagitan, eh matikas parin. you don't know how much nursing and the chorale has been bearable because of your presence.

jamie, distance might be oceans apart but still our lives seem to magnetize and attract. we got to know each other within the distance and that is enough to testify to the fact that the miles doesn't really matter, now does it?

fsb, you guys gave me the life that would never have been even in my wildest dreams. you guys are my brothers!

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