Sunday, July 27, 2008

the RN entry!

herald to the much awaited RN blog entry!

what can i say? where do i start? whom do i thank first (well we all know the answer to that)
first, let's cover the "who do i thank first" question.

above all, i would like to thank the one who is above all else. i'm not a religious person, as anyone would know but i would like to believe that i'm a spiritual person instead. i actually choose not to go to church and i often times question the things written down on the bible. but the One up there surely knows that i devoted myself to this endeavor. and i guess one can say lumalabas ang pagiging madasalin kapag nangangailangan. which holds true to me, i am no exception. but the thing that i am sure of and quite proud to say, i thank Him everytime - even though i often times don't see his blessings. but i know they're there.

hahaha! i went and dropped by the church as often as i could to converse (or what other people call praying).
where do i start?

how do i start is a better question. and since this is a beginning of things to come. so i can't really start relaying anything yet. but don't worry, i'll keep you guys posted.
what can i say? well i have to say thanks to a lot of people. don't worry i plan to do a blog entry for just that. a thank you to all you guys. kasi bawat isa sa inyo eh may naibahagi sa aking kaalaman at kamalayan at karanasan sa buhay. i love you guys. thanks!
that's it i guess. i have to say farewell for the mean time.

'til the next entry,
Angelo James F. Esperanzate, RN

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