Friday, June 20, 2008

money per hour

let give it a run through.
i'm now paid per hour in my first job as a "call boy."

well technically i'm not a regular yet but i passed the 1st assessment and am now in product training.

the assessment was ok, i guess. first we had a typing exam. they use a typing tutor program that helps people learn how to type or enhance their typing skills. the conditions were: hit 60 words/minute and you should have only 2 mistakes.

well, it went on quickly for me 'cause after my first try (we're given 6 tries), fortunately i was an ok already. i had one red mark and 88words/minute. cool, isn't it?

after that, we had to wait to be called for the interview that was to be done by a Canadian liaison. the waiting was what was killing us. i kept on walking around, i sang, danced across the lounge, i've done almost a lot of things just to pass the time and calm the nerves.

in just a few minutes, my turn came. i didn't know what to do, but that doesn't matter i think everything went well. from there finally we were called one by one to tell us if passed.

well i did!
that's it. i'm logging out 'cause i have to sleep. im super tired.

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