Thursday, April 10, 2008

as the future comes around

i'm here now at gateway waiting for my mom to come and pick me up 'cause she wants me to accompany her when we check if the money i'll be using for my review has already been deposited.

i just came from school as i accomplished a lot of my requirements for the june board exams. and they are as follows.

1. cedula
2. completed PRC OR/DR cases forms with the last page notarized
3. transcript of records
4. NSO birth certificate
5. 4 passport size pictures with my whole name indicated below

and those are just the things that i have done already. there are quite a few more things that needs to be done.

(funny thing, i wanted to take a picture of every single one of those requirements that i have with me now but i looked around and thought about it. darn, too many people. lol. i might look stupid. >.<)


also, i've spent the whole day with nicay again. hehe, we've been hanging out completing the requirements together for a few days now and she's growing to be sweeter and sweeter with everyday that passes. i've also noticed that she's getting prettier everyday. probably because of me? (huge ego!)


i've been abusing ACER a.k.a. JINKY recently, since i've been bringing her almost everywhere i go. she's been very useful and i've had great times with her. hehehe! if only the entire of metro manila had wi-fi, then i wouldn't have a problem accessing my blog.


by the way, i've graduated already. but i have yet to upload the disappointingly meager number of pictures that my mom has taken. same goes with the pinning. both celebrations i hardly had the chance to enjoy 'cause both events had me doing something for it. for the graduation, i was singing (for the entire 3 batches at PICC) for the chorale.

as for the pinning, i was always running around araneta making sure that the pictures that were to be flashed on the screen had been flashed (but that was a major disaster no longer worth mentioning). the good thing about the pinning was that we were able to show the video that i've worked late for almost two weeks. let me rephrase that, two sleepless weeks.


Ria said...

Good luck sa exam sa June! :)

Uy natutuwa ako sa mga kwento mo tungkol sa inyo ni Nicay. Heehee, Gelo I think you are highly aroused by her that's why she looks prettier and prettier everyday. My biological basis yan hah! LOL. ^___^

angelo said...

wow, i can't believe you've been reading my stuff. hehe nakakahiya. but i'm still not sure what we are.

but i hope we would be something. :P