Wednesday, March 05, 2008

well there's this girl

she was not the girl i dreamed of being with. but don't get me wrong, she's very pretty and i know that now. she just wasn't someone that i used to notice.

boy, was i stupid. and now, just before the end of my college days comes to its bitter realization, she suddenly slips into my thoughts, with me unable to understand why. we don't belong to the same group of friends. we don't even have the same schedule. but i guess it all started when we went home together (well technically we just went to LRT together) and i treated her to kwek-kwek out of whim. it was something to do to appease my grumbling stomach before i actually chow down the entire kitchen when i got home. come to think of it, it was not even in my intention to treat her, i just was really hungry.

and now, time passed and unconsciously i was starting to think more and more of this girl. the president of the music ministry and a friend of many of my peers. and as time went on, i just couldn't help but look for her but the smarter part of me gave me a wake up call and said, "why not try texting her".

and i did, and simple good mornings grew into conversations. i even boldly kept on asking how she was or if she already took her lunch. and time came when i greet her good night before i sleep and she would do the same.

one thing that was memorable for me was the phonecall i made at her house. damn, we talked for hours.

and now, i reach the first vital step towards showing this girl how much i appreciate who she is. she said yes to my invitation to go out together. i hope she has a good time and i hope she likes my little surprise for her. wish me luck.


Mel said...

nax, gudlak sa kanya gelo! do it!

angelo said...

kaya ko to! kaya ko! kaya! ~.~