Sunday, March 16, 2008

i need to know

well, none of you actually needs to know sh*t about what has been happening in my life but it sounded cool to have the title of this entry that way.

"see open up your morning light", so goes the song of paula cole titled 'i don't want to wait' popularized by the hit teen series of the 90's, dawson's creek. the song kind of reminds me that despite all the hardships that has passed, and that still come, now only trickling, one should never lose that spark of hope that shines even through the darkest storms. that is how graduation is to me. it revives a very small dream inside me, a dream of going out into the insensitive and uncaring jungle of the real world and try to make my mark. make a change. so after the years of being armed with the weapons for the battle ahead, i am now putting on my war face and gearing my self for the nearing local boards.
also, after having my graduation pictures taken at a lousy photo studio near our school (actually much nearer to UE than our school), i've asked my cousin to take my pictures as well. actually it was just for fun 'cause i've long dreamed of having an editorial type of picture... narcisism narcisism... >.<

as for nicay, well i guess being good friends first is a good starting point. let's see what will happen next.

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Ria said...

Gelo you're so payat! Hahaha that sounded so conyo. Anyway, happy graduation! And good luck on your blossoming lovelife. Heehee.