Tuesday, February 05, 2008

what february has brought!

sulyap, as a pringles u pop entry


head nursing (freakin' head nursing). it's so freakin' tiring that i don't know where to start. lots of papers to accomplish and i'm too lazy to even think about doing it and finally lay it to rest. haha!


a good friend of mine left for the middle east and it made me realize that damn, i'm actually nearing the time in my life where in friends that i often see would be like the wind. hahaha! even if you don't see it, you know it's there.


only 3 months left, then i become a degree holder


ash wednesday came early


02/14/08 and i don't have a date!



list of the day: COLORS that i like

* brown
* black
* turquoise
* orange
* beige (is this the right spelling?)


Ria said...

Ang lapit na ng graaad!!!

Exciting and scary.

angelo said...

sinabi mo! sinabi mo talaga!