Saturday, February 16, 2008

striving through stress

before i totally get hooked into using the pc again instead of trying to grab some sleep, i'm throwing you this post just to end the day. ( (>.<) darn, it's 12:15am and i just came home from a 16hr shift and i have to wake up later at 4am to be outta here by 5am to go back to duty. wohoo!)

the things that stress me out list:

- the paper (stupid "lamp" just never got published!)
- head nursing (where the hell am i going to get the data that i need for that?)
- chorale performances (i love singing but being a graduating students make these responsibilities as much more like nuissance)
- finals and revalida (to read or not to read, that is the *ahem ahem* stupid question.)
- in-house review (darn boring reviewers! not all are worth the P2500)
- prc requirements (when am i getting off my lazy ass and start doing these sh*t?)
- graduation (no need explaining why this stresses me out)
- local boards (darn!)
- all the other exams (...)


anyway, here's bethany joy lenz with songs in my pocket

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