Wednesday, October 24, 2007

things that took place

a lot has happened already


i've rolled through the floor, mopping it clean, out of pain 'cause of my stupid kidneys. it finally took it's revenge against me. good thing i got to call my grandaunt my mom to come home so that they can help me to the emergency of world citi hospital. now i'm taking meds and hoping that it wouldn't happen again 'cause that was pure agony.


i know how to ready simple ekg strips. i've attended a seminar held by our dean and she and a few of her apprentices have taught different topics on cardio and she is one hell of an effective lecturer. believe me, she really catches attention and keeps it for her own. so now, i am proud to say that i am an owner of a brand new... knowledge. hehe!


they've made my design the new batch shirt. although i must admit that i wasn't my best design, i believe that i wanted it that way. it was nice when i saw it in the computer, i wonder why it wasn't so good when it was printed out. i guess it had to be printed out in a color other than white. mind you, this is my recently edited version of the shirt. i hope it still gets approved so that they can still change it. i like this one better

it's an ok design for me.
we're moving out again, and we've got a new place to stay. it's much bigger than this place in bignay but it's much more expensive. P2k more. but it's a change we have to suffer 'cause we don't have a better choice than this one. so we took it and we've started transferring. pray that we don't move again. it's much to taxing on our finances.
bad: my mom lost her job at congress
good: she got a better one managing a gps distributor company here in the philippines!
astig, i want to learn the stuff that her new boss would be teaching her. imagine, gps pare!
i recorded my first song. and the video i made is for my 809 family.

do i sound ok?


sem break, and i'm busy still. doing stuff for the orgs. whew, no rest for the weary. but not to worry, i'm off to enchanted kingdom on the 25th. and i know i'll enjoy myself.


so to all! a great semestral break to you!


angielen00 said... do you design clothes? may program ba for that? btw, hi! IM Angie. IM Ria's online buddy.:] dunno if she considers me as a frend na.

angelo said...

ah, adobe photoshop.