Saturday, August 18, 2007

what's up with me?

well, here's the lo down on what's brewing.


kinda sucks if you ask me. miscalculations on when to cancel classes, and the fact that classes are cancelled really eats the cake. the fact that we have to compensate for the time we've lost for our lectures during the suspensions overrides the child in me giddying over the sudden vacations.

getting harder is so much an understatement. let's just say that cramming bits of information given for a semester in other medical courses and jamming it up all into one freakin' enchilada of concepts really kicks my balls. yup, mother freakin' concepts that are to run for just one sem. cool isn't it. just freakin' cool.

good news, i've started reviewing my basic knowledge on anatomy and physiology (fundamentals a BSN student needs for the local nursing board exam) just this semester. bad news, the suspensions keep postponing my study group meetings. how the hell am i to get the urge to read up. i'm not much of a self study if i'm not so much as nudged into reading. note to self: laziness may just as well be stupidity, stupid.

the paper (the institute publication) is starting to get to my nerves. i don't know why. it just is. sorry about that.



nil. i repeat, nil. for whatever reason, my boss is not contacting me. i just hope it's because of slow printing gigs. but if not, well, what the hell.



nil. what's the point of elaborating.



slow. hmm, not like before. might be better off.


for everything else:

well, everything is a-ok! not to shabby, but nothing to complain about.

i've been writing again. i'm working on this book with a fantasy plot. hope chapter3 would lead to chapter29 or something.

i still am trying to get in touch with whatever needs getting in touch with. lol, i hope that gets around being touched. hahaha! (despite the laugh, i'm still blankly staring at the computer monitor, typing away.)


yo! that's life from my side of the projects ('coz i'm from project2, get it, project)


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