Saturday, July 07, 2007

left out in the rain

coming home from this year's acquiantance party, let's just say that i was really pissed and i think the rain that fell on my head somewhat sizzled. what an awful day (despite my best efforts to see any good that came out of it).

it all started last week when i discovered that the senior nursing students didn't have a band to represent them (well us) in the party. getting to know this got my wires a sparkin'. i decided to get hold of my friends who i know could play and invited them so that we can create an impromptu band for the party which then was just 4 days to go. so we decided on what songs to play and got to present our selected songs to the PRO of the council.

funny thing is, we only managed to practice on the day of the performance. and for that given lack of practice, i must salute my bandmates for coming up with such great performance.

and then we did arrive at school and boy was it drizzling rain. this wasn't such a good sign 'cause it meant that we couldn't use our electric guitars for we might end up as roasted people after our set. but this problem didn't last since we got to set-up still, despite the rain. all was going well.

and all went well still despite some minor technical difficulties (which forced me to summon my hosting skills, 'cause i had to entertain the audience while they were fixing the connection of the guitars). and after two songs sung by my barkada and the other one by my bestfriend, it was time for me to sing. right before i was to open my mouth, on of the suckiest moment of my life just happened. they cut me off. the spoke right there and then and i ended up leaving the stage, a little awestruck with the situation.

it was a crappy thing to do. and i despise them for it. but the saddest part about it is that that supposed to be my first time of actually singing solo, infront of the university.

well, i don't think ranting would do anything about.

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