Monday, June 18, 2007

let the classes begin!

classes has already begun.

and here i am bored and still lazy just as i were last summer. i've been downloading grey's anatomy, studying still on how to better myself in photo-editing, getting little sleep, and doing sh*tloads of nothing.

the magazine got rescucitated recently and i think we're almost up and running. as for the chorale, i don't know what would happen. but i do know that the audition is running really really slow.

as for me, nothing has changed. i haven't started going to the gym yet. i guess laziness kicked in. but i'll start when i begin feeling insecure again. some inspiration right?

i can't wait to graduate, but i can't seem to live without my barkada either. hmmm, me and my contradictions.

anyway, i just needed to update my blog 'cause i rarely seem to find the will power to do so every so often. tamad, tamad, TAMAD!

that's it. peace!

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