Sunday, April 22, 2007

when the heat brings much more

it's not how many times i've got my heart broken, its not even the person who broke it. what's worst of it all is how i got this wretched pump battered and shot down.

when i have lots of stuff to be done, where i need my strength but my sadness brings me down, my soul always nags at me 'i'm not gonna cheer up for you'. and i am left to fend for myself damaged and tired, trying to improve my life knowing that a fist sized vessel inside me is crying for relief.

the summer heat brings more than the heat of the sun and the sizzle of the humid uv-heavy air. i'm more of a man than i ever thought every time this heat keeps me company. my body responds to the call of heat that the climate brings and the thing is i long to be satisfied even with just a person to be there, a person to hug.

but what am i to wait for? why am i waiting in the first place? what am i to expect from this evil world inhabited by judgement-driven people (just like me)?

and to try to live it with the life i have.

busy and broken.

that's how i am in this summer heat.

i haven't got space for much more.

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