Monday, April 30, 2007

nagging queries

Listening to:
She's Out of My Life
By Josh Groban
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why be confused for something that i didn't, and still don't, think could progress into something that i've been longing for in the first place?

why hurt someone who is waiting (though you might just be wishfully hoping), someone who is faithful and turn from that person to face someone who isn't an assurance of a true love but your heart forcefully urges you to that other person since you feel more at ease (even childish) when around the new found flame?

why let yourself hurt for something that hasn't even gone further than what technology would allow?

why do you let your goodself be corrupted by the flesh and allow the one you care for left out of it with that person not even knowing what betrayal you've done?

*don't quite get it? well i'm just trying to voice out the things my conscience is asking me and i'm not quite ready to share it yet. probably sometime in the future, i might disclose what's knawing my insides.

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