Sunday, March 11, 2007


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By Daughtry
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why is it that i could never find someone who will be able to share themselves entirely with me?

i know that i have my hopes on how my special would be and yes i know that it's much too high by other people's standards. but everyone has their own as well and it's just as high as mine. well, i guess that's the reason why i can't find the person to be with, i can't live up to their expectations.

good things in life are hard to find. you just can't go searching for it 'cause you'd just end up dry and wanting. good things in life come in the most unexpected time that is why you covet it much.

i know that b*tch*ng about how pathetic i am isn't gonna do me good, and i know that i just had an incredible experience but i can't help but feel the pit inside me that is sucking every breathe in me that i am left numb.

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