Saturday, February 24, 2007

busy bees buzz

i'm very hyped up with all the things that i've been doing lately and it's really really, well... i don't know what it really is to me but i guess i love being busy. i have accomplished a comic editorial for my institute's paper as well as some of the IDs for the members, i'm currently doing a commentary on a study for nursing also known as an EBN (evidence based nursing), i'm now also praticing for a experimental directing class of mass communication students and their musical is miss saigon where in i play the role of thuy. i guess that's what one might call as busy... *.*


have been watching the semi-finals of the 6th season of american idol and i've got my favorites as early as now. but i still miss chris daughtry and elliot yamin who were taken off the show far to early than they should have (i really don't feel that catherin mcphee deserved that final two spot). so since i'm very caught up with the idol bug, i now find myself downloading mp3s and mpeg videos of chris daughtry. gosh darn it, why don't they sell his cd here! i'd be the first to hunt the music stores if they were to announce that his cd would be coming out here in this wreched third world country (which i am helplessly in love with).


i've been very physically active lately and now i'm very happy about it.... buzzing the news about my hunking (still in progress so pardon my grammar. O_o;). HAHAHAHA!



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