Tuesday, November 21, 2006

great people

i have this great new feeling about my blockmates.

ok, here's the situation. the chorale had this presentation yesterday and we asked our classmates to come and see us. it wasn't to be much of a burden 'cause the entrance was only worth P20 and it would last until 8pm. they collectively agreed and during lunch, as we left class early we had this exhilirating feeling that all our classmates would see us and it was very heart warming.

we headed for the meeting place at UST and made our way to the venue. as always we scurried ourselves into a frenzy as we practiced our pieces, wore our costumes, put on our make up, and ran through a quick dress and tech rehearsal with the program directors. our dear blockmates were far from our minds for all we were worrying about were whether or not to put on this much or if we should practice this song first. after all the tension of pre-call time in the auditorium we finally had time to chill out before the presentation and since we were first we had a lot of chillin' to do.

looking forward to a great presentation of our hard work in the workshop preluding this recital, we had our thoughts now on our friends and if they were still coming or not. a text message has passed and since then no reply. and after a few more messages, minutes before the time we were supposed to place ourselves at the backstage, we were starting to get worried that none of our blockmates were going to watch.

truthfully it didn't bother me as much as my choirmates did 'cause most of our past blockmates didn't bother watching either so how would this be any different. but i was definitely mistaken. we got this text that a small group of 3 arrived. it was a spark of joy and excitement on my part. boy was i mistaken, and was i mistaken badly. when we finally got onstage a whole group of white clothed people were ecstatically clapping their hands and waving a quickly made banner out of notebook leaves, which was quite descernable becuase of their size.

singing by that time, despite of the difficulty of the pieces, was made much easier by the fact that they came through. they actually made true to their promises of presence.

it's nice to get to know people who are actually worth being friends with. i thank you all BSN809!

we had a celebration party for boodle and he treated us to one hell of a drinking session. although i wasn't able to partake in the actual beer drinking since i was still sick, it was no reason for me not to enjoy myself. it was really fun, but that i guess is another story. this one has just ended and it would be stupid for me to drift of topic.


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