Monday, October 09, 2006

she's back!

i just had one of the most wonderful afternoons of my life with my best friend, yesterday. she came back from the states to stay here for a month's vacation.

she arrived late september (hmm.... pasaway ka iha, bakit october mo na ako binalitaan?) and has planned a few trips here and there to temporarily ease her burden of the "american life."

our day started a little off for me 'cause when i arrived at shakey's, which was our meeting place, she was not yet there and her cingular sucks in vacuuming signal inside the mall. that in turn made me wait outside the pizza place ('cause i didn't have money, ililibre daw niya ako e ahahaha! :P) and text her 5 times and since she had bad reception, my calls didn't make it to her cell.

but that was all forgetten when she arrived. i really missed this little punk (although she isn't little, and has not a punk molecule in her entire being)! the thing that surprised me the most is when she opened her mouth, this very minute (ipis-like...) voice flowed through her tongue which made me burst out into a hysteric fit of laughter. i even called her a bopek! harharhar!

so we had a quick bite of spaghetti ang mojos and left the joint and went straight into searching for a globe stall. the little punk had me walk all the way to cyberzone all the while thinking that she needed something that could only be taken from the shop itself. damn, when we entered cyberzone and cam across the information stand, she burst out a bopek "ayun!" and pointed at the cards displayed on the sides of the information stand. shoot! we could have gotten those inside the main mall, sheesh. hahaha!

then we toured sm (kinda pathetic, sa sm pa kami nagikot-ikot) helping her be re-acquainted with the mall, with me farting as we walked, we ended up catching a movie. devil wears prada is a film you need to catch! it's really really good!

coffee at figaro (thanks figaro for your ever-satisfying brewed!) and memorable conversations about our lives, we caught up with each others tela-novelas. hehehe, the exchange was actually half-serious and half-nothings. i missed that a lot.

before the night ended, we bought pasalubong (go nuts, donuts!) for our elders and then we parted. she asked for a hug, which made me laugh a bit, but gave her willingly. it wouldn't hurt, kasi i know we missed each other naman talaga eh.

hey, you stinky feet! just text me if you need anything while your here. see you soon!

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