Saturday, August 19, 2006

health care expo

i'm now in megamall covering the beat on the 2nd national health care expo. i've just been to school attending a seminar on basic journalism and after lunch i went straight here.

i've been scrambling my head for questions to ask the spear header of this program but i seem to be lacking things to ask. now i'm letting my brain rest before the interview so that if ever i get to think of something to add to my meager list of inquiries, i would be able to recognize its presence.

after this one, i've got a film showing to attend, once again to cover to add to the things that i could pass for the newspaper. it's about environmental issues and how it affects filipinos. ang dami ko talagang ginagawa ngayon, as in madami.

i guess i better try to think of other things to stay.


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