Tuesday, July 11, 2006


how do you measure a year?

so life is just a part we fill where we are put to daily burdens to be able to play a role. why then do we pursue the tribulations that it throws upon our path if we know that it is only there to trouble us more? what are we suffering for? how long will it take for us to be given a little satisfaction from this weary life that is rightfully ours?

but if you think about it, will you measure you life in hardships or minutes? would you quantify you existence and give it meaning through the amount of your sweat or the loss of happiness?

life isn't so bad if you look at it through another pair of sunglasses. a different shade wouldn't hurt and it surely wouldn't be so bad if you looked a little better in something else other than what you've always been wearing.

be happy for just being...

How do you measure a year?


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