Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hot and slimy

am i not lucky? it happened on my very first day of duty and my very first day of exposure! i handled the delivery of a beautiful bouncing placenta! ... (hysterical laugh!)

well it's not a baby but it might as well have been. i was inside the delivery room for the whole thing, from the worst contractions to the last V/S check up of the mother. boy, was i so excited!

man, i pulled her placenta out! i even stuck my fingers into her vagina! it was (title)... how cool is that!



Toni G said...

omg! you gave her a finger!! ewww.. so hows ur experience giving her a finger session! LOL

Toni G said...

ewww! you gave her a finger session~ so how was it? LOL

michichi said...

omg! that's so cool!!! and gross too. haha! waitwait, do u still go to feu? i miss you guys! balita ko wala ng bnc since we left.. :(

lancepv said...

uhm.... i'm so happy for you?

haha. i can almost hear your hysterical laugh. :P